Paleo Ridge – Zebra Chunks – 500g


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Zebra chunks in a 500g pack, 

This meat is VERY lean and extremely low in fat.

This product is 100% boneless. 

Our supplier is the UK’s biggest importer of exotic meat and holds a BRC AA rating for food safety. (BRC is globally recognised standard for food safety) They also supply the many large UK retailers. They visit their suppliers and only use those actively complying with the same high standards required in the UK and EU.

ALL the meat is human grade and passes all the tests required for human consumption in the UK. The meat is ethically sourced and has full tractability. It has not been poached etc.

This product comes packed in biodegradable and compostable packaging.

 Protein 23.5

 Fat 0.5 

Moisture 73.6  

Crude Fibre 0   

Ash 0

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